Avandra's Gambit

Scene 2 - Town - Fenrir's Landing

choosing sides.

Frenrir’s Landing was interesting because I wanted to make the players decide which group to ally with given minimal information. Neither was “incorrect”, but the path the players chose is less likely to cause characters to turn evil…maybe?

The players arrive in Fenrir’s Landing a few hours before dawn. The town is quiet…too quiet…whatever. Actually the problem is not that it’s quiet, its the fact that while they can’t see anyone in town, they can hear people talking and moving about. There’s not alot of light. There are a few camp fires in the bazaar, but there aren’t any lanterns on the shops or streets. The players look around and find an inn. They can hear someone inside and knock on the door. While most of the party is talking to the tired looking man who answers the inn door, trying to barter for services, Ro hears something from the ground.

Ro looks down and sees a little light seeping from a drainage grate. Crouching down she see’s a scare little girls face looking at here. Ro asks who she is and why she is down there. The girl merely asks Ro to not tell anyone that she’s down there because “they will come to get us and drag us off”. About this time there is another series of howls around the edges of town. A woman’s hand grasps the little girls shoulder from behind, pulling her back away from the grate and a stern gaze fixes upon the party before they scurry off into the darkness. Before the light is gone, Ro has just enough time to realize that the sewer is anything but a mess of sewage and trash. The room she sees is clean and bare. As her attention returns to the discussion with the inn keep, the party gains entry to the inn.

The Inn is a old and obviously carefully restored to use from possible past dereliction. Though it looks as if the Inn is quite clean normally, there are papers scattered across the floor near the desks and items on the shelves are askew. The Innkeep apologizes for the state of the village and the Inn citing attacks by a pack of wolves that the players might have heard coming in. The players ask the Innkeep, a man in brown leathers, for lodging and ask what there might be to eat. The Innkeep vaguely gestures towards the stairs saying that rooms were certainly available and they were welcome to go get cleaned up which he went next door to the bakers to see about food as they Innkeep had not recently had guests and dinner was long past eaten.

Suspicious of an Innkeep wearing leathers, the pixie, Alynthalae tries to hide on the body of the Innkeep. Failing to really do so, the man is aware of the pixie and attempts to coax her into staying, but Anlynthalae insists on going with the man next door. (I hadn’t anticipated this…consequences, consequences).

The “innkeep” and Anlynthalae go next door as the adventurer’s start rummaging in the Inn and checking the stairs to the roof (Vaultsmith and Ro go up). Innkeep knocks on the next door in a complicated pattern. The sound of rummaging and cursing inside stops. After a brief silence another series of knocks answers Innkeep. Inkeep knocks in a different pattern after glancing at the pixie and as the door opens a woman, also wearing stained leathers, asks them to come in. After Alynthalae passes the threshhold she is pushed in and the door is slammed and bolted. Alynthalae pulls her daggers and readies a spell as the two argue briefly before pulling weapons. Innkeep snarls that Alynthalae should drop her weapons if she wants to live right before she levitates him toward the ceiling. The woman charges Alythalae but she dodges away.

Meanwhile, Vault Smith is still on the roof observing the town. He can still hear the sounds of curses and rummaging from the shops and the occasional glow of light from a window, but nothing seems obviously wrong. Just as his eyes are wondering across the way, movement out of the corner of his eyes show that a pack of wolves is fleeting from shadow to shadow around the building at the edge of the square and among the carts in the square.



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